About PixieGym

PixieGym is a small business that designs and produces fun hands-on learning materials for kids.

Our History

After becoming parents to our kid, we had a completely new understanding of what parents actually require after . We discovered that having children needed a higher level of organization; we had to arrange things more than ever before in our pursuit for the ideal work-life balance.

PixieGym was established in 2023, as a trusted and reliable partner, to assist parents who want to provide their children magical experiences while also fostering their natural imagination and inquisitiveness. We want to make it memorable, fun and easy for families to spend time experimenting, learning, and creating together. With indelible experience, good habits and correct attitude practiced over time, we believe that children’s gained problem-solving skills and inquisitiveness will help them as they confront the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Why Choose Us?

As parents, we face challenges spending time to research and develop teaching materials that allow kids to associate learning with fun. Learning activities developed by PixieGym lets kids understand language, mathematics and science concepts in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

We put our developed and curated products through real-world testing. This enables us to make sure that every one of our creations captivates young children who are curious and active. These aspiring product testers really test the boundaries of our selection, so we know they’ll be ideal for your kids.

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